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Romancita Sandoval

San Juan Pueblo

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Romancita Sandoval
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Ramoncita Sandoval learned embroidery at the San Juan elementary school in 1935 from her teacher, Regina Cata, who started an embroidery club. Ramoncita was in the fifth grade. When she went to the Santa Fe Indian school for seventh grade, she took painting and began to do a little weaving. But then, “I got married and forgot all about embroidery.”
     After her first granddaughter Carol was born, “I started making clothes for her and started embroidering again, in 1962. I’ve been embroidering steadily since then.” Her great-grandfather used to weave and embroider, she recalled, “during those times when the men were the ones that would do the embroidery in the pueblos.”


“A young man I used to work with at IAIA used to always ask me on feast days, “How many of your kilts are dancing today?”

Artist Profile | Embroidery | Transcript | Video      
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